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Easypark Nba 2k21

MyPoints Nba 2k21

Easypark Nba 2k21

MyPoints Nba 2k21



Body Modification:
Wingspan Leg Length Shoulder Length Height Weight Neck
Park Options:
Park TP Rec TP Archetype Position Takeover Overhead Icon Park Rep
Character / Park Modifiers:
Face ID Hair Length Mascot Helicopter unlock all equipments Shirtless All Attributes 110 All animations Every player panel Equipments (skateboards, bmx etc) Max Badges Unlocks jumpshot creator Full Hot Zones Full Tendencies Extra Stamina + Takeover Booster Unlimited Gatorade + Boosts Clothing Editor Max MyPlayer Attributes
Unlock all : All clothes in your inventory

mypoints only give you badge points and park rep points, but they stay permanently , it doesnt give you instantly max everything you still have to grind for it but you get a boost
the boost looks like this : you get 75k in badges (1 badge at a time) and park rep after everygame
you can do that for 4 games
and after 4 games you have to wait 1-2 hours to use it again
i have it explained in details once you buy
and the xp that you get stays permanently
or there is a second method where you get 30k xp in 10 games

– Easy To set up

– Green your every shot

– Works online/offline – Works on all controllers , including Keyboard

– Works even better with Easypark (bundles on the sellix page)